The ECPGR Maize Database 
Maize Research Institute "Zemun Polje" 
MRI Genebank, Slobodana Bajica 1, 11185 Belgrade, Serbia 
Tel: (++381-11) 3756704   Fax: (++381-11) 3756707  

Database manager: Dr. Violeta Anđelković  


The Maize database was established at the Maize Research Institute "Zemun Polje", Serbia, on the initiative of the European Cooperative Programme for Plant Genetic  Resources (ECPGR) in 1996. It is maintained by the Maize Genebank at the Maize Research Institute "Zemun Polje" (MRIZP). The  database contains passport data of 11865 accessions representing the Maize collections from 15 European contributors (13 countries). The structure of the database follows the principles of the IPGRI/FAO Multi-Crop descriptor list

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